In the equine industry, nutrition demands are based on what kind of horses you raise. From racing animals, to heavy horses, from elegant dressage to pleasure and everything in between, Ritchie’s can cater to what you need. Each of these practices are different and as such so is how you feed them. Through innovative research and technology, Ritchie’s can maximize the output of your animal while ensuring a happy, healthy horse.

Bio-Available Selenium – Selenium is a powerful antioxidant which aids in preventing muscle degeneration, increases immune and reproductive function as well as offspring survivability in horses. Sel-Plex® , an organic form of selenium, is more readily absorbed and retained than selenium in inorganic forms (Alltech 2010).

Yea Sacc®1026 – Yea Sacc®1026 is a live yeast culture derived from the specific yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1026. The addition of Yea Sacc®1026 to a diet increases fibre digestibility. Therefore more efficient use of vitamins and minerals. Foals from supplemented mares retain more nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus and grow much faster than foals on non-supplemented mares during their first 4 weeks of life (Alltech 2010).

Bioplex® – Bioplex® range of organic trace minerals provide trace mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible. Supported by more than 18 years of research, Bioplex® Trace Minerals are better able to meet the nutrient requirements of the growing horse, the performance horse and the breeding horse, maximum reproductive efficiency and animal health (Alltech 2010). 

Forta Booster – Forta Booster is a complete balanced trace Mineral/Vitamin supplement which provides a balanced vit/min supplementation essential to growth, health, and reproductive performance. Made with proteinated ingredients to ensure maximum utilization and absorption of trace minerals, to aid in growth, muscle and bone development. Forta Booster ultimately reduces or eliminates the necessity of top-dressing supplements.

Biotin – Biotin, a water soluble vitamin is required by the enzymes responsible for protein synthesis and as a result is an essential vitamin for the healthy growth of hair and hooves. Research has shown that biotin improves skin and coat condition, increases hoof integrity and is widely recommended by farriers and veterinarians.